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In Medius Res
16 July 1990
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I'm a slash reader and writer, my favorites being wrestling slash, House M.D. slash, M*A*S*H slash, White Collar slash, Shakespeare slash-Julius Casear, Twilight slash, HP slash, and Moonlight slash.
I also like horseback riding and I have my own horse, a red line-back dun, QH gelding. His name is Dexter. ^^; He is the love of my life. <3

My OTP's for the above listed genres:
Wrestling: Cena/Shawn; ChrisJericho/Shawn
House M.D.: House/Wilson
M*A*S*H: BJ/Hawkeye
White Collar: Peter/Neal
Julius Caesar: Cassius/Brutus
Twilight: Carlisle/Edward; Jasper/Edward (and, occasionally Jacob/Edward)
Harry Potter: Sirius/Remus(duh! xD ); Draco/Harry
Moonlight: Josef/Mick

I'm much more active and easier to be reached at my FF.net account. I also post many more of my stories there, simply because I've been using it longer. ^.^